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Butterfield Trust

Butterfield Trust provides services to private clients and family offices as well as a range of services to international pension plans and mutual funds. Whether you are a private or institutional client, our teams of highly qualified and respected technical specialists will draw on their extensive experience to assist you with the formation and management of trusts, companies, partnerships, pensions and funds.

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Trust and company management

We provide trust and company services for complex structures holding both financial and non-financial assets including but not limited to real estate, artwork, yachts and family owned businesses. This includes acting as trustee, directors, and providing full administration services including bookkeeping and accounting.

Establishing a trust can achieve many purposes to meet your specific requirements and to help provide for your family and future generations. The benefits of using trust structures to plan your affairs may include:
  • wealth transfer
  • estate and tax planning
  • forced heirship planning
  • avoidance of probate formalities
  • protection of assets
  • philanthropy

Butterfield Trust can arrange for the incorporation and management of companies in many jurisdictions, including the establishment and management of private trust companies to act as the trustee of complex family trust structures.

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Institutional Client Services

We use a flexible approach to design and implement fiduciary and administrative structures for our Institutional clients. We can provide trustee, directors and administration services and support for various structures and commercial transactions including:
  • international pension plans
  • unit trusts, limited partnership and corporate mutual funds
  • escrow arrangements
  • managed banks and managed trust companies

To discuss your individual requirements contact:

Andrew G Leggatt, Managing Director
T: +1 (345) 949 7055
D: +1 (345) 815 7542

Butterfield Trust (Cayman) Limited is, ultimately, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited. Butterfield Trust (Cayman) Limited is registered to conduct Trust Business by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.


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