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Butterfield Chip and PIN Credit Cards. 

The More Secure Way To Shop.

Butterfield is now offering Cardholders the benefits of Card technology advancements as we introduce Chip and PIN Credit Cards. Already in wide use around the world, this state-of-the art technology will provide enhanced protection for you against counterfeiting and card fraud because there is an embedded microchip that is encrypted and virtually impossible to replicate. Used in combination with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for transaction authorisation (similar to what you do today with your Debit Card) your Chip and PIN Credit Card provides an added layer of protection because your PIN is unique to you.


Our Chip and PIN Cards will continue to support magnetic stripe-based transactions at merchants who are not equipped to process Chip-based transactions.










A Chip Card is a Credit or Debit Card with an embedded microchip that is used to store and process information. The Chip will protect your Card data from being copied and used in the manufacturing of a counterfeit Card.
PIN stands for “Personal Identification Number”. It is a special number unique to you that allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs and pay for items in shops where Chip and PIN is accepted.
Chip Cards are used differently from magnetic stripe Cards. Chip Cards must be inserted and remain in a handheld POS terminal until the transaction is completed (whereas magnetic stripe-based transactions are initiated by a merchant swiping the Card on his or her register).
Whilst not having all the security features of a Chip Card, magnetic stripe Cards continue to be a secure means of payment and Cardholders should continue to use them until they are replaced. Butterfield’s systems and personnel are set up to monitor potential fraud and verify suspicious transactions. The conversion of our Cards to Chip technology will aid and enhance those efforts going forward.
Chip Card technology requires new equipment, which is being implemented on a gradual basis with retailers everywhere. For transitional purposes, Butterfield Cards will have both a microchip and a magnetic stripe. This means they will be accepted by any merchant who accepts MasterCard® or Visa® Cards.
The merchant can process your transaction using the magnetic stripe and your signature.
Please cut up and securely dispose of your old Card.
The PIN attached to your Card will be mailed to you separately for security purposes. Once you have received your PIN, please commit it to memory and dispose of the PIN mailer.
If your previous magnetic stripe card has a PIN attached to it, you will receive a PIN mailer confirming the same PIN.
Yes, you will receive a PIN Mailer with your unique PIN.
Yes, you will be able to use your existing PIN for ATM transactions.
You will have the same card/account number but your Card may have a new expiry date. Please ensure that you advise any retailers with whom you make regular pre-authorised payments of this change.
No, upon receipt of your new Chip Card, you should immediately call the number on the label affixed to your new Card to activate it. Your old Card will be cancelled at that time and you will need to cut up and securely dispose of it.
You’ll notice a number of minor differences compared to transactions with a magnetic-stripe Credit Card.
Transactions will now follow these simple steps:
• At the register, you will see a small device with a keypad, a screen and a slot to insert your card. To pay, simply place your card into the slot, check the amount on the screen and then ‘enter’ your PIN to complete the purchase.
• Your Card will remain inserted in the POS terminal until the transaction has been completed.
• Upon successful completion of your transaction, you will be prompted to remove your Card from the terminal and you will receive a confirmation receipt. Keep your receipt and check it against your statement later.
You can use your new Butterfield Chip and PIN Card at any ATM displaying the MasterCard®, Cirrus®, Visa or Plus logos worldwide. Use your PIN with your new Card for ATM transactions.
If your new Chip and PIN Card is lost or stolen, please contact the Butterfield Call Centre at (345) 949 7055 or visit any Butterfield Banking Centre to report it. The Bank will arrange to issue you a new card.
Please report the issue to the merchant. If they could not resolve the problem, please contact the Butterfield Call Centre at (345) 949 7055.



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Due to travel and trade sanctions and economic embargoes imposed by the United States and the European Union on certain countries Butterfield is unable to be involved in the processing of transactions originating in those countries. Butterfield must comply with international banking regulations that preclude us from facilitating payments to or accepting business from persons or businesses in some countries. As a result, you cannot use your Butterfield card(s) for purchases or cash advances in those locations. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. The countries from which Butterfield is unable to process transactions are Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Zimbabwe.


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