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Switch to get more

We recognise that you have lots of choices when it comes to selecting a financial institution for your mortgage. At Butterfield, we’re here to make that choice easier by providing superior customer service and a range of loan enhancements.

Switch and take advantage of:


➣ Waived bank fees

➣ Low switch costs that can be rolled into your new mortgage
➣ Fast approvals: 3-5 business days with receipt of all required documentation ➣ Low fixed and variable interest rate options

➣ Simple application process

Plus+ A Pre-approved Butterfield credit card with 10,000 bonus travel miles

Speak with one of our lending specialists by calling (345) 949 7055, e-mail or click here to download your application today.




What documentation do I need to apply for a mortgage?


  • A completed loan application form. The application form is attached to the Personal Lending brochure. If you need help completing the form, our personal lending professionals will be happy to assist.
  • Verification of employment and salary. We will need a letter from your employer addressed to Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited confirming income, position and length of service.
  • Bank reference letter (not required if you are already a Butterfield customer)
  • Purchase agreement (for properties to be purchased)


Other documents you will need in special circumstances:


  • In the case of a building project, you will need at least three building cost estimates
  • If you are self-employed, you will need financial statements for your business for the last two years





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