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Frequently Asked Questions


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Business Banking


 Business Banking

What do you require to open a business account?
What are the fees associated with the Product & Service offered?
How should our auditors submit an account audit confirmation request to Butterfield?

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Online Banking


 Online Banking

What is Butterfield Online Banking?
What services are available with Butterfield Online?
How do I sign up for Butterfield Online?
What is the cost of Butterfield Online?
How do I logon?
What accounts can I access online?
Is dual authorisation available for Butterfield Online transactions?
Can businesses set up their own Butterfield Online user network?
What kind of security is used for Butterfield Online?
How do I change my Password and/or Secret Code?
Does my Password or Secret Code expire?
What if I forget my Password or Secret Code?
What browsers and platforms are supported with Butterfield Online?
Whom do I call if the service is not available or if I have a question?
Whom do I call if a transaction did not process or is missing?

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Credit Cards


 Credit Cards

When is my credit card statement's closing date?
How can I calculate the minimum amount due?
If I overpay my account balance, will the overpaid amount be added to my credit limit?
When renting a vehicle, what insurances can I decline and have coverage through the card?
Does the MasterCard® BusinessCard have my company's name on it?
If I purchase airline tickets for other employees with my MasterCard® BusinessCard, will they also be covered for the travel insurance as I am?



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