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Security Statement

Ensuring your information is accurate
If the personal or account information maintained on Butterfield Online is not correct, please call us at (345) 815 7575 or email We will be happy to review and update your records as necessary. Please note that Butterfield will not contact a customer by telephone to request or verify security or other information.

Keeping your information safe
It is important for our customers to properly protect personal financial and security information. Suggestions on how to do this can be found on our Protect Yourself from Fraud page.

A firewall acts as a barrier between internal and external computers in a network, controlling the flow of information between the two. When a computer outside the firewall wishes to communicate with a   computer inside, it must communicate with the firewall, which then passes the data to the internal computer. This two-step process helps protect the Bank's internal network from unauthorised access.

Security Audits
Butterfield is committed to ensuring our security measures are the highest of standards. As part of this measure we have employed an external auditing firm to perform regular security audits against our infrastructure to ensure we are not exposed to new vulnerabilities in hardware and software.

A cookie is a package of data containing a string of text that identifies you as it travels between your computer and ours. This helps ensure the right information is delivered to the right destination.     Butterfield encrypts the text contained within these cookies so that they may not be tampered with or viewed by another party. Only 'Butterfield' servers may read these cookies; your web browser ensures that these cookies are not sent to other websites. Butterfield does not use cookies for marketing purposes.

There are two types of cookies: a session cookie and a persistent cookie:

  • Session cookies are stored in your browser only for the extent of time that you are connected to Butterfield Online. Butterfield uses session cookies to guide the dialog from page to page within Butterfield Online and to control the logout process. When you click the 'Logout' button, the session cookie expires. To perform any further inquiries or transactions, you must log back into Butterfield Online, establishing a new session cookie. Session cookies are time sensitive; after 10 minutes of inactivity, the session cookie expires and you are automatically logged out of Butterfield Online.
  • Persistent cookies are stored on your hard drive. Butterfield does not use persistent cookies.

To use Butterfield Online you must have your browser set to accept cookies, but you can decide if you     want to have your browser notify you when it is being sent a cookie so you can review each cookie      before accepting it, or you can set the browser to 'Accept all cookies'. Please refer to your browser's    'Help' files for more information about cookies.

One component of our security system is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. When you visit pages requesting or presenting sensitive personal or financial information, the data is encrypted to prevent third parties from accessing it in transit (look for the padlock icon on your browser) SSL encryption has to date been proven to be effective against unauthorized viewing of data. Butterfield Online uses 128-bit    encryption on our server to provide you with a higher level of security. To download a 128-bit encryption Web browser please review the following:

System Requirements

  • Downloading 128-bit Netscape Communicator
    Go to Depending on your computer's operating system, select the appropriate 128-bit browser software (which Netscape calls '128-bit Strong Encryption'). Carefully read the restrictions the U.S. government places on export of 128-bit encrypted software. Complete the forms, and follow the instructions. Install the software following Netscape's instructions.
  • Downloading 128-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Go to Depending on your Operating System select the appropriate 128-bit browser. Read the information presented, click 'Download' and follow the instructions. Install the software following Microsoft's instructions.
  • Internet Explorer 4. The padlock symbol does not always appear at the bottom when it should. A full description of this error, number Q154621, is at
  • Internet Explorer 5. If you click on the padlock symbol to view the security certificate the following message may be displayed: "This certificate has failed to verify for all of its intended purposes". The other details of the certificate shown are correct. A full description of this error, number Q233479, is at

You will need to use either Internet Explorer 5.00 (or higher) or Netscape 4.72 (or higher) with 128 bit encryption to log on to Butterfield Online. Please note that the Online application does not fully support other browser types such as MAC OS, Safari.

Note: Butterfield is not responsible for any difficulties or problems in downloading and installing the software. The respective software suppliers will provide any necessary technical support. There are two minor problems with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Neither problem has any effect on the actual security in force, but may make it appear to you as if it is not fully secure.


Logging out
Once you click on the 'Logout' button, the 'Back' button will not return to your 'Account Information'. If     you wish to access Butterfield Online again, you must login. This feature ensures your Butterfield Online session is ended, so no further transactions can be processed. We strongly suggest that you close your browser after you complete your work.


Your Butterfield Online Password
The user is solely responsible for the selection, use, confidentiality and protection of passwords and identifiers. You can help safeguard your information by protecting your password as it is the only way to access your account(s).


Digital Certificates
To help ensure the security of your account information while using Butterfield Online, we use a system involving VeriSign. For further information regarding VeriSign, Inc. please visit

Although the information in this statement has been obtained from sources that we believe to be reliable, we do not guarantee its accuracy.


For more information, please contact our Electronic Banking Department at:

Tel: (345) 815 7575
Fax: (345) 815 7975




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