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Business Loans

When your business is ready to expand, renovate, build or acquire new assets, Butterfield offers a number of choices to finance your endeavours.


General Business Loans Summary

How much can I borrow? Typically up to 70% of the project cost.
How long can I borrow for? Between 7 - 10 years.
Repayment options Normally by regular monthly payments
Security for loan Depends on nature of business and what is available. Typically this could include a guarantee of directors/owners.
Interest rate Variable, usually 5% above prime lending rate. Calculated on outstanding daily balance and charged monthly.
Arrangement fee An arrangement fee of 1% of the loan, min. $100 is charged.
Other costs Varies on the security being offered - a good rule of thumb is 5% of the loan.
Requirements Personal Lending Form + Financial Statements
For more information, please contact:
Corporate and Business Loans
Tel: (345) 949 7055
Fax: (345) 949 7004





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