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Brokerage Services

Whether you are an individual, investment manager, or business owner we are dedicated to providing
reliable, fast, and accurate service for all your brokerage needs. 

Account Types

  • Self-Directed Trading Account:  For those wishing to make their own investment decisions and to
    trade and custody assets with us
  • Pure Custody Account:  For those using an external broker/investment manager that wish to
    custody assets with us.


Self-Directing Trading Account
Through our international network of dealers we are able to trade in securities listed on all major
exchanges.  Securities include stocks, bonds (government, agencies, corporates) and third-party mutual
funds.  Trade orders can be placed by phone by calling our dedicated trading line and speaking to one of
our qualified investment officers.  Mail and facsimile requests can also be used in certain situations.  You
receive detailed, informative, and straight-forward monthly statements.

  • Minimum Account Size
    • Resident Clients: USD 50,000 (or equivalent in another currency)
    • International Clients: USD 100,000 (or equivalent in another currency)
  • Fees
    We offer competitive commissions and fees and work hard to earn and retain your business. 


Pure Custody Account
Our global custody team will provide you and your adviser with a true global custodian service. With
dealing and settlement capabilities in all major markets and many smaller markets, the coverage is
extensive. Working with a network of service providers, brokers and international clearing houses, we
provide dealing, settlement, corporate action and dividend services in a seamless process that connects
you to the heart of global markets.


The Bank is a Qualified Intermediary for acting as custodian of U.S. assets and will provide assistance in
understanding the withholding tax regimes of different markets.

  • Minimum Account Size and Fees
    We constantly monitor the local marketplace to ensure our fees are competitive. Our fee structure is
    clearly set out and we’re happy to supply quotes in advance on a case by case basis, tailored around
    your requirements.



For more information, please contact us at:
Tel: (345) 949 7055
Fax: (345) 949 7004




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Asset Management

We provide a detailed investment process based on your needs