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Private Banking Services

Your Relationship Management Team has access to the global products and services of Butterfield Group, including investment, asset management and trust experts with a depth of experience in structuring sophisticated wealth management solutions.


   Banking & Cash Management Services

As a client of Butterfield Private Banking, you will enjoy the ability to easily and efficiently conduct transactions, maintain liquidity, and move and manage your money.

  • deposit accounts, including personal chequing accounts, savings accounts, time deposits and certificates of deposit
  • Internet banking, ATM enquiries and transactions, telephone banking, online banking and mobile banking
  • electronic funds transfer
  • standing order payments
  • foreign exchange transactions
  • drafts and manager’s cheques
  • direct cash management services for clients with assets in excess of $750,000 held with Butterfield

   Customised Lending Solutions

Access to credit can play a pivotal role in the success of your financial plan and credit can often be used as a strategic financial tool. Butterfield Private Banking can help you determine how and when prudent borrowing can enhance your wealth management. We provide preferential credit terms, combined with customised lines of credit to complement your overall financial position.

  • lines of credit
  • credit cards
  • residential mortgages
  • construction loans
  • investment loans
  • credit facilities secured by investment portfolios for liquidity or leverage purposes

   Asset Management

The key to successful investing is an optimal asset allocation strategy based on your specific objectives, investment time horizon and risk tolerances. Your Butterfield Private Banking Relationship Management Team will help structure an investment portfolio that includes proprietary products from Butterfield and its affiliates, as well as third parties. These include equity, fixed income, mutual funds and international portfolios, as well as alternative investments.

We also offer a discretionary investment management service and your Relationship Team will work closely with Butterfield Asset Management specialist to carefully develop an individually tailored strategy to meet your needs, which considers your return requirements, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax situation and liquidity needs.

The following Butterfield funds are listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange and/or the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange:

  • Money Market Funds in multiple currencies
  • Fixed Income Funds
  • Balanced Funds
  • Equity Funds
  • Funds of Funds

   Trust & Estate Planning

Many families with substantial assets choose to organise their financial affairs using a trust. Among the many benefits of establishing a trust are:

  • flexible estate planning, including the ability to plan distributions into the future and beyond the death of the grantor/settlor
  • philanthropic ambitions can be easily accommodated
  • children can be cared for and protected in the event of parental death, without giving them immediate ownership of inappropriate levels of wealth
  • asset protection
  • investment managers and their performance is the responsibility of the trustee
  • trust assets can be used as security to provide liquidity
  • the legal structure, coupled with its flexibility, often facilitates tax planning
  • obligatory inheritances mandated by the civil law of other countries can be mitigated

   Custody Services

Butterfield Private Banking can coordinate safe-custody services including the purchase and sale of securities traded on all major markets and the Bermuda Stock Exchange.

Services include:

  • safekeeping of assets
  • processing of stock dividends, rights issues, bonus issues or other corporate reorganisation issues
  • income collection (dividend and bond interest)
  • monthly or quarterly statements


    Contact Us at:

    Sue Holmes - Senior Manager, Head of Private Banking
    Private Banking
    T:(345) 815-7646

    Sadiq Mohammed – Relationship Manager
    Private Banking
    T: (345) 815-7764

    Khadene Lobban – Relationship Manager
    Private Banking
    T: (345) 815-7608



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