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Butterfield Line

Financing major expenses has never been easier

At Butterfield we understand that you work hard and want the best for
you and your family. At times you may need extra credit to help you
take the next step in life or pay for major expenses; whether it’s college tuition, a dream wedding, home renovations, or a family vacation. Butterfield Line can make reaching your goals easier.


In addition, Butterfield Line can help you manage those unexpected expenses, like home and auto repairs or the replacement of major appliances.


How Butterfield Line works

Butterfield Line allows you to take full advantage of the value of your
most important investment-your home. A one-time application provides access to a revolving line of credit that’s accessible via a specially designed Visa® Card. There’s never a need to reapply for access to any portion of your unused credit line. Use it at your discretion where and when you need it.


Qualifying for the Butterfield Line is based on

  • the available equity in your home
  • your gross monthly income
  • your ability to repay


    Features and Benefits

  • You apply once and only once for Butterfield Line.
  • Avis Preferred Membership Enjoy a speedy application process, special rates on your rental car and, best of all, membership is free. Learn More 
  • Provide your spouse or family members access to funds through additional Butterfield Line credit
  • Flexible repayment terms.
  • Worldwide acceptance.
  • Cash advances at ATMs.
  • Visa Global Services™.
  • Visa Travel Insurance™.
  • Free auto pay services.


    Schedule of Fees


    Butterfield Line

    Awards N/A
    Sign up Bonus Points N/A

    Reward Annual Fee 


    Avis Preferred Memebership 

    Interest Rate 18.00%
    Annual Fee - USD  USD $15.00 Per Month
    Additional Card USD $5.00 Per Month
    Auto Pay  USD $12.00 / USD$3.00

    Card Replacement Fee

    USD $35.00

    Credit Limit Increase/Temporary Credit Limit Increase and Temporary Credit Increase to Accommodate Payment (Per Transaction) USD $35.00

    Late Payment Fee

    USD $40.00

    Rush Card Fee 

    USD $20.00
    Over-Limit Fee (Per Transaction) USD $35.00
    Minimum Payments  3.5% of Outstanding Balance
    Replacement Sales Draft / Slip USD $20.00
    Replacement Statement  USD $7.50 (Per Statement)

    Research Fee (per hour)

    USD $30.00

    Handling Fee NSF Cheque 

    USD $40.00
    Cash Advance Fee 2% of transaction (Minimum $10.00)
    Minimum Cash Advance Withdrawal Limit  USD $250.00
    Minimum Credit Limit USD $1000.00
    Auto Rental Insurance Coverage N/A

    Insurance Coverage - Travel

    USD $75,000.00

    Balance Protection Programme N/A


    How to use your Butterfield Line

    Once your Butterfield Line account is established, you can use your credit line to make purchases anytime; anywhere Visa® is accepted using your Butterfield Line Visa® Card.


    How to get started

    If you’re ready to experience the convenience of Butterfield Line, apply today by calling us at 949 7055    or visit us at one of our three Banking Centres.




    Emergency  Number



    Card Services Department   24 hours



    (345) 815 7527



    Credit Card Info.

    (Call Toll Free)





    Continental USA

    (Call Collect)

    Outside USA



    1 800 396 9665







    (303) 967 1098

    Visa® Debit & Credit Card Assistance

    (Call Toll Free)

    Within CI, USA or Canada



    1 800 847 2911



    For more information, please contact us at:

    Tel: (345) 815 7527

    Fax: (345) 815 7958





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    Restrictions on Card Processing

    Due to travel and trade sanctions and economic embargoes imposed by the United States and the European Union on certain countries Butterfield is unable to be involved in the processing of transactions originating in those countries. Butterfield must comply with international banking regulations that preclude us from facilitating payments to or accepting business from persons or businesses in some countries. As a result, you cannot use your Butterfield card(s) for purchases or cash advances in those locations. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. The countries from which Butterfield is unable to process transactions are Afghanistan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Burundi, Central African Republic, Congo, Eritrea, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti*, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Myanmar(Burma), North Korea, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan(South and North), Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine, Venezuela*, Yemen and Zimbabwe*.

    *Limited transactions allowed – please call (345) 949 7055 for details.