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  • 25 October 2017Cayman
  • 25 October 2017Cayman
    Butterfield Reports Third Quarter 2017 Results
  • 19 September 2017Cayman
  • 25 July 2017Cayman
    Butterfield Reports Second Quarter 2017 Results
  • 13 July 2017Cayman
    Butterfield Scholarship Student to study Medicine
  • 25 April 2017Cayman
    Butterfield Reports First Quarter 2017 Results
  • 19 April 2017Cayman
    25th Annual Irish Jog benefits Special Needs Foundation
  • 5 April 2017Cayman
    2017 Young Musician Named
  • 29 March 2017Cayman
  • 28 February 2017Cayman
    Butterfield Announces Closing of Secondary Offering
  • 23 February 2017Cayman
    Butterfield Announces Pricing of Secondary Offering
  • 21 February 2017Cayman
    Butterfield Announces Launch of Secondary Offering
  • 13 February 2017Cayman
    Butterfield Reports Full Year 2016 and Q4 2016 Results
  • 13 February 2017Cayman
    The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited Announces Proposed Secondary Offering of Common Stock
  • 31 December 2016Cayman
    Audit Confirmation Process
  • 28 December 2016Cayman
    Local charities invited to appeal for Irish Jog Funds
  • 14 December 2016Cayman
  • 25 October 2016Cayman
    Butterfield Reports Third Quarter Results
  • 23 August 2016Cayman
  • 15 August 2016Cayman
    Butterfield Scholarship Student to study at Durham
  • 25 July 2016Cayman
    Butterfield Reports Second Quarter Profit
  • 15 July 2016Cayman
  • 27 May 2016Cayman
  • 10 May 2016Cayman
    Michael McWatt Appointed Managing Director, Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited
  • 25 April 2016Cayman
    Butterfield Reports First Quarter Profit
  • 22 February 2016Cayman
    Butterfield Reports 2015 Full Year Results
  • 14 January 2016Cayman
    Conor O’Dea To Retire As Butterfield President & COO and Cayman Managing Director O’Dea Appointed Non-Executive Chairman of Cayman Board; Will Stand for Election to Group Board at AGM
  • 1 December 2015Cayman
    The Banker Names Butterfield “Bank of the Year” in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands For Third Consecutive Year
  • 26 October 2015Cayman
    Butterfield Executive Chairman, Brendan McDonagh to Step Down From Post Butterfield Reports Third Quarter Profit
  • 15 September 2015Cayman
    Butterfield Trust Named Trust Company of the Year
  • 28 August 2015Cayman
    Butterfield Scholarship Student Takes Flight at FIT
  • 3 August 2015Cayman
    Butterfield Welcomes Michael Schrum as Group Chief Financial Officer
  • 28 July 2015Cayman
    Butterfield Announces Board and Management Changes
  • 27 July 2015Cayman
    Butterfield Reports Second Quarter Profit
  • 6 July 2015Cayman
    Butterfield Shortlisted for STEP Award
  • 12 May 2015Cayman
    The Butterfield Young Musician Of The Year 2015
  • 27 April 2015Cayman
    Butterfield Reports First Quarter Profit
  • 30 March 2015Cayman
    23rd annual St. Patrick’s Day 5K Irish Jog
  • 26 February 2015Cayman
    Butterfield Reports 2014 Full Year Results
  • 16 February 2015Cayman
    Butterfield Enhances Credit Card Security and Convenience with Chip and PIN Cards
  • 5 February 2015Cayman
    Butterfield Receives Prestigious Euromoney Awards, Cityweatlh Accolades
  • 1 December 2014Cayman
    The Banker Names Butterfield "Bank of the Year"
  • 24 November 2014Cayman
    Butterfield’s Scholarship Alumni
  • 28 October 2014Cayman
    Butterfield Reports Third Quarter Profit
  • 7 October 2014Cayman
    Banking on the future: Opportunities for Caymanian Youth.
  • 6 August 2014Cayman
    Butterfield Shortlisted for Five Citywealth Awards
  • 8 July 2014Cayman
    Butterfield To Acquire Part of HSBC Cayman’s Retail and Corporate Banking Business
  • 1 July 2014Cayman
    Butterfield Chairman & CEO Brendan McDonagh Statement on FATCA Implementation
  • 28 April 2014Cayman
    Butterfield Reports First Quarter Profit
  • 8 April 2014Cayman
    Butterfield Acquisition of Legis Trust Business Completed
  • 25 February 2014Cayman
    Butterfield Reports 2013 Full Year Results
  • 29 January 2014Cayman
    Butterfield Receives Three Citywealth Financial Centre Awards
  • 13 January 2014Cayman
    Butterfield To Acquire Legis Trust Business
  • 2 December 2013Cayman
    The Banker Names Butterfield Bank of the Year 2013 in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands
  • 14 October 2013Cayman
    Butterfield Introduces Mobile Banking Apps
  • 30 July 2013Cayman
    Butterfield Reports Second Quarter Profit
  • 30 July 2013Cayman
    2013 Summer Interns at Butterfield
  • 11 July 2013Cayman
    Butterfield Provides Local Sponsorship of NatWest Island Games Bermuda 2013
  • 10 July 2013Cayman
    Butterfield Trust Shortlisted for STEP Private Client Award
  • 15 November 2012Cayman
    Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited Appoints Sophia Harris Chair of the Board of Directors
  • 5 September 2012Cayman
    Educational Grant 2012
  • 7 August 2012Cayman
    Olympic trip competition a “dream come true” for two lucky Visa/Butterfield customers
  • 3 July 2012Cayman
    Butterfield Trust Makes Senior Appointments to Cayman Office
  • 16 April 2012Cayman
    Butterfield Helps Youngsters get ready for Carnival
  • 16 April 2012Cayman
    Butterfield Helps Youngsters get ready for Carnival
  • 11 April 2012Cayman
    12K Raised for Young Minds
  • 29 March 2012Cayman
    Butterfield’s Midtown Plaza Banking Centre Officially Opens
  • 28 March 2012Cayman
    CIFEC Students Become Traders at Butterfield
  • 9 March 2012Cayman
    Irish Jog Supports the Fueling Young Minds Programme
  • 29 February 2012Cayman
    Butterfield Reports 2011 Net Income of $40.5 Million
  • 27 February 2012Cayman
    The Irish Jog Turns 20
  • 7 February 2012Cayman
    Butterfield Helps Walk-A-Thon
  • 1 February 2012Cayman
    Butterfield Supports Learning at N.C.V.O.
  • 5 January 2012Cayman
    Butterfield Names Brendan McDonagh Executive Chairman Designate
  • 14 December 2011Cayman
    S&P Affirm Butterfield’s Ratings
  • 5 December 2011Cayman
    Team building event is a huge act of kindness
  • 11 August 2011Cayman
    Butterfield Awards Annual Scholarship
  • 26 July 2011Cayman
    Butterfield Reports Second Quarter Profit
  • 22 June 2011Cayman
    Butterfield Hall of Art Showcases New Exhibition
  • 20 June 2011Cayman
    Butterfield Welcomes Graeme Skinner
  • 10 June 2011Cayman
    Butterfield Young Musician Named
  • 1 June 2011Cayman
    Young Musicians Set to Play
  • 13 April 2011Cayman
    Irish Jog Raises Thousands for Charity
  • 21 February 2011Cayman
    Butterfield Strengthens Asset Management Teams
  • 9 February 2011Cayman
    Butterfield Thinks Heart Smart
  • 3 February 2011Cayman
    Butterfield Donates to the International College Library
  • 20 December 2010Cayman
    Butterfield 12 Days of Christmas
  • 13 December 2010Cayman
    Butterfield, a healthy balance in the workplace
  • 10 December 2010Cayman
    Butterfield 12 Days of Christmas Winner
  • 4 November 2010Cayman
    Butterfield Supports the Arts
  • 3 November 2010Cayman
    Butterfield Reports Q3 2010 Financial Results
  • 19 October 2010Cayman
    Butterfield Presents ‘Young Saver’ with iPad
  • 21 September 2010Cayman
    Butterfield Cares for HospiceCare
  • 26 August 2010Cayman
    Butterfield Supports Haiti Relief
  • 5 August 2010Cayman
    Butterfield Reports Q2 2010 Financial Results
  • 28 April 2010Cayman
    The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited Reports Q1 2010 Financial Results
  • 23 April 2010Cayman
    Butterfield Undergraduate Scholarship
  • 15 April 2010Cayman
    Butterfield Voted Best Private Bank
  • 13 April 2010Cayman
    Irish Jog Supports Diabetes in the Cayman Islands
  • 2 March 2010Cayman
    Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited Announces Q1 Results
  • 5 October 2009Cayman
    Jupiter Marine Falls Sales Splash Event
  • 20 September 2009Cayman
    Butterfield Sponsors Our Angels Foundation
  • 21 April 2009Cayman
    Butterfield Supports Batabano Jr. Carnival
  • 14 April 2009Cayman
    Butterfield Supports FBCS
  • 6 November 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Brings the Cayman Tri back
  • 4 November 2008Cayman
    Butterfield sponsors Invitational Cycling Race
  • 3 November 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Bank Selects EDS, an HP Company, as Third-Party Provider of Information Technology Services
  • 28 October 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Bank Reports Third Quarter Profit of $80.5 Million; Dividend of 16 Cents Per Share
  • 28 October 2008Cayman
    Butterfield supports Cayman Athletics
  • 28 October 2008Cayman
    Butterfield supports Telethon
  • 20 October 2008Cayman
    Joy Andrade wins Butterfield big prize
  • 8 October 2008Cayman
    Rate Change
  • 15 September 2008Cayman
    Butterfield realizes $115 million gain through funds merger
  • 28 August 2008Cayman
  • 15 August 2008Cayman
    Butterfield offers personal loans for school fees
  • 7 August 2008Cayman
    Butterfield continues Tigers Support
  • 7 August 2008Cayman
    Butterfield launches Saturday Banking
  • 5 August 2008Cayman
    Leading Fund Administrators Fulcrum Group and Butterfield Fund Services to merge, create industry leader
  • 5 August 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Bank reports Second Quarter results, announces strategic merger of Fund Services Unit
  • 28 July 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Provides Information Security Training to Employees
  • 22 July 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Offers Saturday Banking
  • 22 July 2008Cayman
    Butterfield sends students to Arts Camp
  • 21 July 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Awards Annual Scholarship
  • 18 July 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Bank Supports GHHS Swing Band
  • 11 July 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Bank named Best Bank in Bermuda by Euromoney for Third Year Running
  • 4 July 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Global Blue Chip Fund and International Balanced Fund USD Class: Exceptional Performance from Butterfield’s Flagship Funds in Turbulent Markets
  • 2 July 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Bank Supports JGHS H.S.A. Initiative
  • 26 June 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Bank Supports New Triple C Language Lab
  • 19 June 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Welcomes Relationship Manager to Corporate Banking
  • 2 June 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Place give Green Gifts to Staff and Customers
  • 30 May 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Announces New Member to Board of Directors
  • 20 May 2008Cayman
    Butterfield’s George Town Branch Relocates
  • 15 May 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Place Opens for Business
  • 14 May 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Sponsors WIRU
  • 13 May 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Adds Additional ATMs
  • 1 May 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Bank Decrease in Prime Rates
  • 25 April 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Bank Reports First Quarter Results
  • 22 April 2008Cayman
    New Directors Appointed to Board of Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited
  • 21 April 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Announces Enhanced Services for Australian Dollar
  • 16 April 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Appoints New Manager, Head of Private Banking
  • 9 April 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Art Competition Winners Announced
  • 4 April 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Sponsors Cayman Heart Fund
  • 3 April 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Employees Among Citywealth’s Most Highly Regarded Private Wealth Managers
  • 27 March 2008Cayman
    Irish Jog Supports Cayman Islands Cancer Society
  • 25 March 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Supports Squash Club
  • 25 March 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Sponsors Sailing Club
  • 12 March 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Supports Junior Achievement
  • 28 February 2008Cayman
    Annual Irish Jog Set for St. Patrick’s Day
  • 25 February 2008Cayman
    Gear Up for the Annual St. Patrick's Day 5K Irish Jog
  • 12 February 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Bank Announces Board Changes
  • 12 February 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Bank Reports Record Full Year Earnings, Up 8.9% to $146.0 million. Announces ‘One-For-Ten’ Stock Dividend
  • 1 February 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Welcomes Captive Insurance Relationship Manager
  • 17 January 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Supports Flag Football
  • 10 January 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Bank voted Best Local Private Bank in the Caribbean and Bermuda
  • 10 January 2008Cayman
    Butterfield Bank voted Best Local Private Bank in the Caribbean and Bermuda
  • Cayman
  • Cayman
    St. Patrick's Day 5K Irish Jog
  • Cayman
    12K Raised for Young Minds
  • Cayman
  • Cayman
    10 February 2010
  • Cayman
    The Irish JOg Turns 20



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