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29 March 2012
Butterfield’s Midtown Plaza Banking Centre Officially Opens

Butterfield staff cutting the ribbon

(Grand Cayman – 29th March, 2012) Butterfield’s Midtown Plaza Branch Manager Deborah Haylock cut the ribbon this week to signify the official opening of the Bank’s third new banking centre, conveniently located at the brand new Midtown Plaza, just a short distance from the branch’s previous popular location at the Compass Centre. Staff, management and customers walked the red carpet up to the new premises, and enjoyed perusing the new facility, which includes a spacious customer service hall, an area for private customer meetings, a streamlined and modern design and the fastest ATMs in the Cayman Islands.


Jeffrey Ebanks, Butterfield’s Retail Manager, welcomed guests to the grand opening and said that the decision to upgrade and enhance the Bank’s three banking centres was taken in 2005, with a threefold goal.


“Firstly, our main aim was to offer first class banking centres to our customers, in order to enhance their experience while doing business with us. Secondly, we wanted to provide our employees with excellent work spaces and a great work environment. And thirdly, we looked to lift the standard of our banking centres to one that truly reflects Butterfield’s brand and image,” he said. “There is absolutely no doubt this evening that we have achieved our goal!”


Having completed the Butterfield Place and the Governor’s Square moves, the most recent focus had been to move out of the Compass Centre location and into premises that would suit the growing needs of the branch.


Conor O’Dea, Butterfield’s Senior Executive Vice-President, Caribbean, said that they had taken the time to find the right location once they had decided to move from the Compass Centre, as that branch had been the busiest for the Bank.


“We think we have found the perfect location in which we can grow – it’s a great branch in a great plaza in a great location,” he stated.


Deputy Managing Director Mike McWatt said that the location had been carefully chosen so that synergies could be enjoyed between the Bank and the surrounding businesses. The Bank could have chosen to build a stand-alone facility, he said, but chose instead to be more community-focussed and develop within an existing plaza.


Mr. McWatt also believed that the new branch provided an enhanced customer experience and it meant that the team there, which had already been recognised as one of the most customer-focussed of the entire Bank, could continue to enhance their service offering.


“The Midtown Plaza branch will allow us to add to our services and we will be looking to expand in the future in areas such as lending,” he confirmed.
Butterfield, he said, had also spent considerable time recently upgrading its technology and systems and the opening of the Midtown Plaza branch properly rounded out the Bank’s full offering, giving customers the best team, top notch systems and now spacious and accommodating premises as well. 



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