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13 December 2010
Butterfield, a healthy balance in the workplace

Butterfield employees participated in beach games as part of a team-building exercise and family fun day

Through the company’s comprehensive health and wellness programme, every employee has the opportunity to take part in various activities, such as health talks, health screenings and team building exercises, and at no cost or low cost to the individual.

"Studies have shown that health and wellness offerings in the workplace boost employee morale, reduce absenteeism, improve work performance and increase loyalty,” said Kim Wallace-Watler, Butterfield’s Human Resources Manager. “Currently we have 310 full-time employees, and we are continuously looking for ways to motivate and inspire productivity. Butterfield recognises the value of a healthy workforce and views wellness programmes as an investment to help address our business objectives and to increase employee engagement.”


Butterfield’s “Watching Your Health” segment is dedicated to providing employees with up-to-date health information and tips on topics such as cancer and stress management. Held on the seventh floor of Butterfield Place, these learning lunch sessions feature talks by special guest speakers and experts in the field. In October, Dr. Robert Derhagopian and Dr. Ostroski from Baptist Hospital in Miami, Florida gave an exclusive talk to Butterfield’s Governors Square Banking Centre employees on breast cancer.


The latest component of Watching Your Health is the company’s recent partnering with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, a well-renowned hospital based in Baltimore, USA. Johns Hopkins is known for setting standards of excellence in medical education, research and clinical care. Some of the industry’s most well-respected medical experts from Johns Hopkins will give talks to Butterfield employees on topics such as diabetes, heart health and prostate cancer. These series, named “Health Matters”, started in November 2010 with visiting physician Dr. Charles Angell who discussed managing stress and staying healthy in times of change.


Butterfield pays fifty percent of each employee’s gym membership fees and a portion of other external fitness programmes and classes such as yoga, pilates and bootcamp, giving employees the option to partake in the activities that personally motivate them. The Bank also works closely with its health insurance provider, British Caymanian Medical Insurance, in providing employees with health checks, which screen for weight, height, body mass index (BMI), glucose levels and cholesterol. In addition, Butterfield offers flu vaccinations in November each year to help employees stay healthy during flu season. These are administered by the public health department. “Over 100 employees received health checks in October with just under 50 receiving flu shots. We are pleased to be able to offer these services to those who wish to take advantage of them as added bonuses to their current health care plan,” said Laverne Jackson, Butterfield’s Compensation and Benefits Specialist.


Rhonda Serrano has been employed with Butterfield since 1997 and says, “One of the many things I love about Butterfield is that they take care of their employees, and are genuinely concerned about our well-being, in and outside the workplace. It’s important that we put our health first, especially since we are in constant, close proximity to one another at the office, and Butterfield provides us with many options to help us keep the wheels turning.”


In October, the Bank held its first ever “Butterfield Beach Olympics” at Calico Jack’s. The objective of this Saturday event was to encourage team building through fun competition on the beach, which of course led to participants burning a few calories. “Each year Butterfield holds a family beach day, but this time we decided to add an extra element to it, which involved employees working together in teams and competing in some thoughtfully crafted sports and games,” said Dianne Wagner, Butterfield’s Employee Relations Specialist. Butterfield also offered self-defense classes in October, which filled up quickly with female employees who learned how to protect themselves against violent attacks.


"Employer-sponsored wellness programs are a great way for companies to encourage healthy activities for employees,” said Mike McWatt, Butterfield’s Deputy Managing Director. "From a business standpoint, such initiatives are an investment in Butterfield’s greatest asset –- our employees –- and the return on our investment is likely to make a difference in both morale and the bottom line."




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