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4 November 2010
Butterfield Supports the Arts

(From left) Artist Tulsi Bodden, Butterfield’s Assistant Manager Marketing & Communications Rhonda Serrano and Curator David Bridgeman at the Butterfield Place Hall of Art

"Good corporate citizenship and community involvement are part of Butterfield’s culture, and the arts are an integral part of enriching the community in which we live and work," said Mike McWatt, Butterfield’s Deputy Managing Director. "The Hall of Art provides a great platform for some of Cayman’s up and coming artists to showcase their works for the public to enjoy."

Butterfield’s latest art exhibition, "A Serpent’s Tale" by artist Tulsi Bodden and curated by well-known local artist David Bridgeman, is open to customers and members of the public during normal banking hours Monday through Friday. The exhibition runs from October to January 2011 in The Hall of Art located on the second floor of Butterfield Place on Albert Panton Street.

"The Butterfield Hall of Art is the perfect place for emerging artists to experience their first solo exhibition, as the space provides great exposure for new artists on a daily basis. It is important for all artists to exhibit, not only for the commercial aspect but, in my opinion and more importantly, to reflect on the work that has been done. I hope that as a result of this Butterfield experience, Tulsi will feel inspired to create more exciting and imaginative work in the near future," said David Bridgeman. 




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