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15 May 2008
Butterfield Place Opens for Business

Butterfield Place is located at 12 Albert Panton Street and can be reached by phoning 949-7055 or faxing 949-7004.

Opening hours are Monday – Thursday from 9am – 4pm and Friday from 9am – 430pm.

For more information, email

Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited announced today that their new state-of-the-art branch and office building on Albert Panton Street opens its doors to the public on 20th May 2008. Butterfield Place stands seven stories tall and comprises over 60,000 square feet of office space, together with a six-level parking garage. Featuring an innovative and environmental-friendly design, the building boasts panoramic views of the harbour, an open-floor plan, cyber cafes, nine meeting rooms and four ATMs, two of which are available 24 hours a day.


“We are extremely excited about this new development, which is the culmination of efforts by a team of professionals who have worked together to create an exciting and functional architectural masterpiece,” said Barry Yetton, Director and Head of Business Support Services. “Each floor is spacious, colourful and carefully designed to achieve an inviting openness to encourage teamwork, creativity and community spirit amongst employees and to provide a sophisticated platform from which to provide our customers with exceptional service.”


The Bank’s branch banking hall, located on the ground floor, provides multi-teller and customer service areas. A spectacular sweeping staircase leads up to the second floor where the Bank’s Credit Services department is located, along with the main reception area where customer debit card, visa card and online banking packages can be collected. The third floor houses Card Services and Electronic Banking. The Private Banking department, established in 2008, is located on the sixth floor. The executive management team and the Learning & Development Centre, where employees can attend advanced training workshops and lectures for personal and career development, are on the seventh floor.


“Butterfield Bank has always set high standards for client service and delivery in Cayman,” said Mike McWatt, Deputy Managing Director. “In order for us to continue to match or exceed expectations, we needed to expand our offices as the Bank has seen tremendous growth in recent years. The primary business focus for Butterfield Place is the opportunity that we have to redefine the way we deliver our products and to take our customer service to the next level.”


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