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2 July 2008
Butterfield Bank Supports JGHS H.S.A. Initiative
Butterfield Bank’s Monique Bush presents donation of $500 to John Gray High School H.S.A President Andrea Stephens.

The John Gray High School’s H.S.A. (Home School Association) has undertaken an ambitious new initiative, USSR or “Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading”, which will promote reading in the school.



USSR is a period of 20 minutes a week when the entire school, all staff and students stop whatever they are doing and read, just for the pleasure of reading. The Literacy committee hopes that student reading levels will improve if they read consistently and that improved reading skills will improve overall academic achievement.



In starting this program, the H.S.A. were faced with the awesome task of creating classroom libraries. They received tremendous support from the Humane Society, the community at large and staff members.  Even with those efforts, they found the classroom libraries were still lacking.



Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited have lent a helping hand through a donation of $500. Providing these funds for the materials will go a long way in “hooking” those reluctant readers.



H.S.A. President Andrea Stephens thanked Butterfield Bank, saying, “The H.S.A. is extremely grateful to Butterfield Bank for its donation that will assist with the purchase of books for the classroom libraries at John Gray High School. There is no substitute for books in the life of a child.”



The JGHS are still in need of books that are high interest/low reading to help encourage students who are challenged by reading, to contribute please contact 949-9444.



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