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22 June 2011
Butterfield Hall of Art Showcases New Exhibition

Artist Kaitlyn Elphinstone

(Grand Cayman – 22 June 2011) Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited is pleased to announce the opening     of its latest art exhibition in the Butterfield Hall of Art. Entitled “Vertebytes”, the exhibition of works by     artist Kaitlyn Elphinstone, is curated by well-known local artist David Bridgeman. Vertebytes opens on 1 July 2011 to customers and the public and runs until November. The Hall of Art, located on the second     floor of Butterfield’s flagship building, Butterfield Place, is a public space dedicated to featuring the     artworks of emerging artists.

With a background in Visual Studies and Art History from the University of Toronto, Kaitlyn’s work    remains conceptually grounded. “The formal setting and urban landscape of Toronto allowed me to refine my visual and conceptual vocabulary, a vocabulary that emerged through a focus on the intersection between natural and man-made constructs,” said Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn has recently returned to Cayman after completing an MA in Arts Policy and Management at Birkbeck, University of London. “The opportunity to live, work and exhibit in London gave me exposure to diverse artist communities, creative trends and contemporary happenings,” she added. In October 2010, Kaitlyn completed her dissertation on organizing creativity, inspiring her to develop her art practice and actively contribute to the community through creativity.


The exhibition Vertebytes examines life instances through a series of fifteen digitally constructed images. The images and exhibition layout explores everyday occurrences though various themes such as the concept of time, our understanding of process, our experience of rhythm, movement and repetition.  


Constructed from the original work “Vertebytes” currently on display at the National Gallery of the          Cayman Islands, the exhibition remains consistent with Kaitlyn’s process-intensive approach. The image stills have been derived from video, then digitally constructed to suspend animated instances into single visual images. The process was initiated by an exploration into the disparities between human and digital capacities in evoking life instances or memories.


“The Butterfield Hall of Art is the perfect place for emerging artists to experience their first solo                 exhibition, as the space provides great exposure for new artists on a daily basis. It is important for all       artists to exhibit, not only for the commercial aspect but, in my opinion and more importantly, to reflect    on the work that has been done,” said David Bridgeman. 



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