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Please note the following guidelines for requesting Audit Confirmations from Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Ltd.
§  Auditors must prepare the confirmation requests with:
a)      Name of the entity to be confirmed
b)      Full details of the underlying and account numbers, for example:
ABC Limited
KYD Savings 02201123456
USD Call 8401234500000
Note: The Cayman Islands Society of Professional Accountants- CIIPA accepts this approach.
§  The customer must sign the request in the same way detailed in the Bank Mandate. Note: If the account requires a single signature for transactions under a certain value, then Butterfield will accept one authorized signature on the request.
§  Requests should be faxed to Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited, Central Operations at fax number (345) 949 7761. Alternatively, they can be sent to fax number (345) 949 7004.
§  Butterfield will reject requests with insufficient or incorrect details and advise by fax. A new      request with full and correct details will be required.
§ Butterfield will return completed requests within ten (10) business days after receipt.
§ If the completed audit request must be returned to the auditors by fax, a fax number must be provided. Otherwise, the completed audit request will be mailed.
Audit Confirmation requests for Butterfield proprietary funds (e.g. Butterfield Money Market Fund, Butterfield Global Blue Chip Fund) should be sent on a separate confirmation request form to Butterfield. Butterfield will forward the request to the registrar and transfer agent, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), for their action.
If a single request is received for both fund balances and bank account balances, the auditors will receive the completed confirmation in two parts.
MUFG will confirm for all Butterfield proprietary fund balances. Butterfield will confirm bank account balances.



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