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Trust Management

With significant experience in serving as Trustee to both corporations and families, we can attend to all of the formalities of establishing and managing a wide variety of trust structures to meet a client's requirements. Invariably the rationale for establishing an offshore trust is any combination of:

  • Estate Planning
  • Segregation of assets
  • Tax planning
  • Maintenance of dependents

We know from experience that transferring ownership of personal assets to a trustee is a significant step and we are used to working with clients to maximize their level of comfort with the structure. We also understand and accommodate clients who wish to retain control over their trust. We encourage and enjoy an ongoing dialogue with our clients and can include them as much or as little as they wish in our ongoing administration, which we support with formal financial statements prepared by our in-house accountancy team.

We can provide the trusteeship of a variety of trust structures including:

  • Fixed interest trusts (where the allocation of trust funds to beneficiaries is set out in the trust deed)
  • Discretionary trusts (which allows ongoing flexibility in the allocation of trust funds to beneficiaries)
  • Purpose trusts (where a trust is created for a specific purpose or reason, either with no individually named beneficiaries or with individuals to be named subsequently. Such a purpose might be to     maintain a family business, to avoid its liquidation upon the death of the founder)
  • Charitable trusts (including their use as a passive holding vehicle)

We also offer the following services:


  • Liaison with the client's own legal adviser to achieve carefully planned results
  • Provision of draft trust deeds for refinement to a client's precise needs
  • Relocation of an existing trust from another trustee or financial institution
  • Responsible and empathetic administration to meet the client's needs, including any tax or regulatory requirements
  • Full in-house banking, investment and custodian services
  • In-house management of any underlying companies that may be needed for holding assets
  • Ongoing monitoring and benchmarking of trust investment portfolios
  • Financial Statements
  • An annual review of the trust administration by a senior officer for quality control purposes
For more information or to discuss these services, please contact the below named:

Robert N. Forster ACIB, TEP
Trust Services
Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited
P.O. Box 705
Grand Cayman KY1-1107

Tel: (345) 815 7520
Fax: (345) 949 7004


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