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Foreign Exchange Rates - Sell

If you have USD or KYD and wish to purchase another currency, use the rates below as an indication. If you have one of the currencies below and wish to convert to USD or KYD, then refer to our Foreign Exchange Rates - Buy.

Treasury Foreign Exchange Rates


CurrencyFrom US $From CI $
Australian Dollar0.77700.6475
British Pound1.42661.1890
Canadian Dollar1.25571.5069
Cayman Islands Dollar1.219511.0000
Danish Krone5.93977.1276
Hong Kong Dollar7.65009.1801
Japanese Yen106.85128.22
New Zealand Dollar0.72710.6060
Norwegian Krone7.69609.2352
South African Rand12.059014.4709
Swedish Krona8.28079.9369
Swiss Franc0.95451.1454
United States Dollar1.00000.8400



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