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Treasury Services





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If you wish to purchase USD, KYD or another currency use the rates below as an indication.


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 Prime Rates History - USD and KYD

Find out the KYD and USD prime rates historical to KYD since 2000.


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 Currencies Offered

Details of the currencies supported by Butterfield Bank.


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 Sending Wire Transfers

Helping you to transfer money around the world quickly and safely.


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 Receiving Wire Transfers

The instructions are to be used for inward remittances of funds. All payments must include
beneficiary's account name and account number.


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 IBAN Numbers

To make a payment in Europe, you will need to quote an IBAN and its BIC (Bank Identifier Code) in
just the same manner that you currently quote an account number and a BIC.





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Internet Banking

Access your account 24/7


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How to receive wire transfers

Instructions to receive money to your account.